The Truck Parking POI static layer contains attributes which are updated on an as-needed basis. They are located in this category because the information is not expected to change very often.
Level for tile requests: 9
Example tile requests: json txt
SOURCE_IDUnique fixed-length identifier including state, route number, route type, reference post, side of road and unique location number or name abbreviation.
NAMEName of facility as text (e.g., Rest Area or Flying JTruck Stop).
LATLatitude coordinates [10^-5 degree WGS84] for the POI coordinate of the location.
LONLongitude coordinates [10^-5 degree WGS84] for the POI coordinate of the location.
LINK_IDPermanent link ID. Positive 64 bit Integer that globally identifies the road, carto or building footprint link, also across map releases.
Link IDs are never reused.
FULL_STREETNAMEFull street name of the POI.
REFERENCE_POSTProvides the Reference Post (mile marker) for the center of the rest area or interchange.
EXIT_NAMEAt interchanges, the designated interchange number is provided. For rest areas and weigh stations that do not have an exit identification the value will be set to null.
HEADINGText indicating the direction(s) of travel that can access the site. For sites that can be accessed by either direction of travel, a bidirectional identifier such as “NS” or “EW” can be used.
ORDER8Administrative Order8 area name, e.g., Henryville
ORDER1Administrative Order1 area code, e.g., IN for Indiana
ISO_COUNTRY_CODEIdentifies the country in which the navigable link or administrative area is located.
3 character country code based on ISO Standard 3166.
POSTAL_CODEThe Postal code of the truck parking POI.
TRUCK_PARKING_CAPACITYTotal number of parking spots within the site.
FREE_PARKINGIndicates whether it is a free of charge parking area.
TRUCK_SECURE_PARKINGIndicates whether it is a secured parking area.
TRUCK_NIGHT_PARKING_ONLYIndicates whether it is overnight only parking area.
AMENITIESOptional. List of text based amenities descriptions. Data structure would allow a varying number of amenities to be listed.