Postal Code Mid Points.
Level for tile requests: 12
Layer is empty
LINK_IDPermanent Link ID to which this point belongs.
GEO_LEVEL1 : Median
2 : Unmatched UK (sector level)
3 : Unmatched NL (4-digit numeric)
4 : Postal Code Centroid
7 : Reversed without street name
8 : Median
9 : Reversed with street name
GENERATED_COORDIf the coordinate is missing in the core map data, then the point in the middle of the link (driven 50% of the link length) is used.
Y: generated coordinate
N: coordinate from core map data
NAMEThe full postal code.
LATLatitude coordinate [10^-5 degree WGS84].
LONLongitude coordinate [10^-5 degree WGS84].