Lane connectivity strings. Per default, vehicles can arbitrarily change lanes while driving on a link, and also arbitrarily change lanes while traversing from a link onto another link. Exceptions, where lane traversal is restricted, are coded as following:
Whenever lane connectivity records exist for a link, only the explicitly mentioned lane changes are allowed, and no other lane changes on the link or between links are allowed.
If a link is at the start (or at the end) of connectivity records, and no connectivity records exist that go beyond this link, then arbitrary lane changes are allowed on this link.
Coverage: Lane connectivity strings are only published at intersections where it is important for lane guidance.
Level for tile requests: 12
Example tile requests: json txt
CONDITION_IDPermanent Condition ID. Positive 64 bit Integer that globally identifies the condition, also across map releases. Condition IDs are never reused. Condition IDs are used for different kind map objects which apply to a directed sequence of links (1 link up to many links).Examples for objects using Condition IDs are Turn Restrictions, Toll Booths, Traffic Signs, Lane Connectivity Paths across links.
LANE_NAV_STRAND_IDIdentifies a sequence of lanes across multiple neighboring links.
LINK_LANE_IDSComma separated list of [Permanent link ID : Permanent lane ID] that describe a route path. A negative link ID sign means that the link was driven towards reference node. Each link ID is a positive 64 bit Integer that globally identifies the road link, also across map releases. Link IDs are never reused.Each Lane ID is a positive 64 bit Integer that globally identifies the road link's lane, also across map releases. Lane IDs are never reused.
VEHICLE_TYPESAccess Characteristics identify the vehicle types that are allowed on a link, allowed on a lane or to which a condition applies.
16 bit bitmask of affected vehicle types or functions. Sum of: Automobiles (1), buses (2), taxis (4), car pools (8), pedestrians (16), trucks (32), deliveries (64), emergency vehicles (128), through traffic (256), motorcycles (512) and road trains (1024).