Layer with Distance Markers - sequentially numbered markers placed along roads at regular intervals that serve as reference location signs.
Distance Markers can be used for: Route guidance ('2 miles to Mile Marker 75'), Destination selection (ability to choose from a list of marker locations), Location geo-referencing (geocode to marker locations).
Level for tile requests: 10
Layer is empty
POINT_FEATURE_IDUnique Identifier of the Distance Marker.
LINK_IDPermanent link ID. Positive 64 bit Integer that globally identifies the road, carto or building footprint link, also across map releases. Link IDs are never reused.
DISTANCE_VALUEThe Distance Marker value along the road. If present on the Distance Marker shield, alphanumeric distance values are published; for example, a distance marker shield may display a distance as 109A.
DIRECTION_ON_SIGNDirection on Sign indicates the official directional identifiers assigned to the Distance Marker. DIRECTION_ON_SIGN does not have a Language Code associated. NULLABLE
Possible values:
N: North
E: East
S: South
W: West
DIRECTIONThe applicable Direction of Travel for the Distance Marker.
Possible values:
B: Distance Marker applies to both travel directions of a link.
T: Distance Marker applies for driving on the link in negative direction (to reference node (lower left node))
F: Distance Marker applies for driving on the link in positive direction (from reference node (lower left node))
UNIT_OF_MEASUREThe unit of measure mostly used in that country to describe road and traffic conditions.Possible values:
E: English (miles)
M: Metric (kilometers)
ENHANCEDDistance Markers are placed with a minimum accuracy of 15 meters (ENHANCED = Y). If a Distance Marker does not meet the accuracy the column is published with ENHANCED = N.
LATLatitude [10^-5 degree WGS84] defining the position of the Distance Marker.
LONLongitude [10^-5 degree WGS84] defining the position of the Distance Marker.
STREET_NAMERoad number or road name.
ISO_COUNTRY_CODEIdentifies the country in which the navigable link or administrative area is located.
3 character country code based on ISO Standard 3166.
CHN : China Mainland
CHN : 中国大陆
HKG : Hong Kong SAR
HKG : 香港特別行政區
MAC : RAE de Macau
MAC : 澳門特別行政區